About me and art

Andzela Kauniene

For as long as I can remember myself, I have been drawing since early childhood. Love for art is always beside me accompanying me through my journey of life.

I am constantly searching for new experiences and stories in art. Currently my emotions are wandering via unique, illimitable direction and manifest via woman’s romantic portrayal as one of the most charming creations of nature, it’s spiritual expression and character’s conveying via flowers, meadows and music.

Every piece I create bears a little part of me. Being immersed in the creative process allows me to completely relax and leave everything behind while I give all of me to art. It is an inimitable experience when poured out emotions on canvas become a piece of art.

By being inspired by my art muse I discovered my own authentic art technique which allows me to convey piece’s character in a more expressive way.

I draw on canvas with oil paint using traditional paint brushes and painting knives.